--- Comment #11 from Dmitry Olshansky <> 2012-04-29 
05:53:34 PDT ---
> No, that was true a year or so ago, but not any more. One case which still
> causing array dups is comparing slices of arrays (eg, if (x[0..5] == y). I've
> put the machinery in place to get rid of that now (it's not gone yet, I need
> another simple pull request for that). That _might_ help a little bit.
> Slicing also causes array dups with ~, eg z = x[0..5] ~ y; creates a temporary
> array with x[0..5]. But those are the only two that I know of.

Ok does a ~= b; *always* reallocate a ? If not I'm fine.

> Clearly in this case, it's slow because it does 1.3 million assignments. It's 
> a
> duplicate of bug 6498, unless you can find some way of drastically reducing 
> the
> work it has to do.

Well take a look at "benchmark" for CTFE. It does a lot of bit-setting on array
of bytes. Posiibly a source of asigments since it does 1 bit-set per codepoint. 
That's unavoidable I'm afraid. 

I may special case things somewhat so that it checks if fullword write of zeros
or ones is possible.

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