--- Comment #3 from Leandro Lucarella <> 
2012-05-03 03:21:07 PDT ---

Looks like this test case is exposing more bugs than we were aware of!

This pull request fixes the original problem I had (compiling tango CDGC),
which is the test case without the forceSemantic() trick.

Using the forceSemantic() trick doesn't work in D1 but doesn't look like a
regression, at least is present in 1.070 and 1.071.

The patch only fixes the problem partially though, with the patch you don't get
the multiple definition error but you get an undefined reference error instead,
so is a step forward but not a fix. But again, this is not a regression in D2,
the problem is present at least before the fix for 2962.

I'll report another bug with the D1-only bug that's fixed by this pull request,
so we can close that one when the pull is merged, but can keep this one open
(but without the regression severity).

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