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> (In reply to comment #1)
> > The 2.059 release has the same behavior as the latest commit with the pull
> > request applied so I don't understand what Walter is talking about.
> That should have been:
> Walter's example from the comment to the pull request has the same behavior
> using the 2.059 release as the latest commit with the pull request applied.

I see. Indeed the fix you had supplied did fix both Issue 7995 and this current
Issue 8133 (I had pulled in the meantime the master which reverted to before
your fix).

It would be really great if Walter could accept your pull request once again as
it is a real blocker not to be able to build shared libs. I also don't really
understand his concern in his comment. Perhaps you could bug him again? A
unittest with such test cases would prevent further regressions.

Also, I really think it should be made clear on the dlang website in release
notes what is currently supported in each version. For example, diverse forums
complain that support for shared libs on OSX is not working yet with the D
runtime, but 2.058 or your fix seem to support those.

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