--- Comment #1 from Andrej Mitrovic <> 2012-05-26 
09:54:34 PDT ---
If anyone else is annoyed by this you can use a workaround like this:

/** Workaround for Issue 7675 - std.format needs better exception messages */
string safeFmt(string file = __FILE__, int line = __LINE__, T...)(string fmt, T
    auto specCount = count(fmt, "%s");
    enforce(specCount == T.length, 
            new Exception(format("Arg count %s doesn't match spec count %s.",
T.length, specCount), file, line));
    return format(fmt, args);

That implies using %s exclusively and it only throws on argument count
mismatch, but it's still a shitload better than "Error occurred somewhere, have
fun debugging!".

Throwing exceptions in Phobos with no information on what went wrong should be

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