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--- Comment #2 from 2012-05-31 02:09:44 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> I use -d to compile it.

Alternatively someone needs to change the rdmd.d source file in the git as
follows. It worked for me. 

//            exe = buildPath(myOwnTmpDir, rel2abs(root)[1 .. $])
  //              ~ '.' ~ hash(root, compilerFlags) ~ binExt;
            exe = buildPath(myOwnTmpDir, absolutePath(root)[1 .. $])
                ~ '.' ~ hash(root, compilerFlags) ~ binExt;

Also, wouldn't it be simpler if the build process could be automated with say a
single makefile? right now the user needs to go in each of dmd,druntime,pbobos,
and in tools there's only a windows makefile. 
Here I changed win32.mak to a Makefile that works on osx (and probably linux),
but it should also be completed to build rdmd, ddemangle.d etc, which are nice
tools to have.

Other annoyances: the has some weird behavior with git (and doesn't
do all that), the packaging installs the version from dlang website instead of
the version in git, and MODEL should be 64 by default on OSX instead of 32 for
each of the dmd,druntime,pbobos. 

********** Makefile (does same as win32.mak but for osx, and maybe linux)

TARGETS=dman findtags

TAGS=    expression.tag \

targets : $(TARGETS)

expression.tag : findtags $(DOC)/expression.html
    ./findtags $(DOC)/expression.html >expression.tag

statement.tag : findtags $(DOC)/statement.html
    ./findtags $(DOC)/statement.html >statement.tag

findtags : findtags.d
    $(DMD) findtags.d

dman : dman.d $(TAGS)
    $(DMD) dman.d -J.

clean :
    rm $(TARGETS) $(TAGS)

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