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I honestly don't understand why much in the way of examples are needed. The
documentation explains what pure is. When the compiler is able to optimize out
calls to pure functions is an implementation detail - just like optimizations
with const or immutable are. You use pure wherever you can, and the compiler
will optimize where it can.

The documentation could go into more detail on weakly pure vs strongly pure
(since it doesn't mention either), but that's pretty much the only relevant
improvement that I can think of, and I know that Don would be annoyed by that,
since he wants the terms strongly pure and weakly pure to die and just leave
them as implementation details (though I think that he's the only one who
really feels that way).

I think that there's a lot of overthinking of this going on here. The
documentation quite clearly states what a pure function is and what it can and
can't do. I don't see how more examples would really help much with that. But
anyone has an idea that they think will improve the documentation, then feel
free to create a pull request with the changes.

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