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2012-06-04 19:08:08 MSD ---
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> (In reply to comment #32)
> > That's correct. You should not expect *any* optimizations from weakly pure
> > functions. The ONLY purpose of weakly pure functions is to increase the 
> > number
> > of strongly pure functions. In all other respects, they are no different 
> > from
> > an impure function.
> Const-pure functions invoked with immutable _arguments_ (even though 
> parameters
> might only be const) can receive exactly the same amount of optimizations. 
> Even
> if not implemented in DMD today (as are many other possible purity-related
> optimizations), this is very useful, because otherwise functions would have to
> accept immutable values just for the sake of optimization even though they
> could work with const values just as well otherwise.

Have you noticed that as I wrote in comment 20 strong unsafe pure functions
size_t f(size_t) nothrow pure;
also almost always can't be optimized out?

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