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> Please be more specific. The autotester is passing on all platforms. This
> sounds like an issue with your environment or installation. But you've given 
> so
> little information, that I can't even say what problem that you're really
> reporting.

Sorry for the simplistic report.
-I../druntime/src is included in win32.mak, but not -I../druntime/include. As I
did a clean checkout of dmd, phobos and druntime for the first time, I figured
it was a problem that would show on all windows boxes.

My folder setup is:

By adding (a hack) DMD=dmd -I../druntime/import to win32.mak it compiles
I see posix.mak includes the following line:
DFLAGS := -I$(DRUNTIME_PATH)/import $(DMDEXTRAFLAGS) -w -d -property -m$(MODEL)

while win32.mak doesn't have any reference to druntime/import at all.

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