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> You might introduce a new template tomorrow, and then remove it a month later,
> so why should I even bother coding against such a library? Is Phobos someone's
> playground or a standard library?

Take a look at the Phobos2 changelog for DMD 2.060. There are functions and
four whole modules removed from Phobos2:

I think two more modules will be removed in August this year. Phobos2 is young
still, it contains many mistakes, so it's better to fix it. In some years the
rate of deprecation will probably decrease.

In D there is the deprecated keyword, and other things that help the
deprecation process. They are meant to be used. I am not asking to remove
lockstep() today, I suggest to follow a normal sane path of announcing a
deprecation, deprecate it some months later (but keep it for a year or so) and
then remove it.

Removing redundant/bad/broken functions/things from Phobos is useful, because
it reduces the efforts to learn to use D+Phobos. A bit of growing pain is
acceptable, especially in the first years, if they spare a bigger amount of
pain/work/confusion later.

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