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            Summary|BigInt array slice int      |array slice assignment
                   |assignment                  |should check for opAssign

--- Comment #1 from Don <> 2012-06-13 05:03:17 PDT ---
This doesn't have anything to do with BigInt. Rather, it's a request for
implicit conversion to apply to array block assignment.

Reduced example:

struct S
   void opAssign(int n) {}

void main()
   S[20] s;
   s[] = 6;

bug.d(9): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (6) of type int to S[]

It seems reasonable enough. It could be problematic if the thing being assigned
is an array, eg

void opAssign(int[] n) {}

but we have that problem already with block assignment to arrays of dynamic

AFAIK array block assignment isn't mentioned in the spec at all.

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