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--- Comment #1 from 2012-07-06 13:01:33 PDT ---
I'm thinking about fixing this issue but there are several approaches:

1. Fix joiner (BTW why name it joiner and not just join; same for splitter; Is
this because there used to be a string.split or and std.path.join?)

2. Fix ByLine to not invalidate front when doing a popFront
Is it common in Phobos for a range to invalidate front? ByLine and probably
also ByChunk (haven't checked) are the only ranges that invalidate front,
aren't they. There is also ByRecord which does not show up in the

3. If it is a common scheme to invalidate front then one could implement an
adapter to store a copy of front even though that is less efficient.

I prefer option 2 because it can be implemented with little space overhead but
you seem to prefer option 1 which suggests that a range *usually* invalidates

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