--- Comment #5 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2012-07-10 13:46:37 
PDT ---
> bug# 4183 does not mention the -property flag.

On re-reading, I see that you're right on that, but it's really the same bug.

> bug# 8162 does not mention the -property flag.

Yes it does. It's even in the title.

> The third example is valid.

No, it's not, because baz is being used as a property when it's not. -property
should flag that as an error, and it does.

> I assume -property is supposed to implement the correct @property semantics
without breaking old code.

-property was introduced precisely because introducing strict property
enforcement _would_ break code. Otherwise, it would have just been put straight
into the compiler. The whole idea is to introduce -property first so that
people have a chance to fix their code before it becomes normal functionality
and to also give the compiler a chance to iron out any bugs with property
enforcement. It's the same with override except that it was introduced with -w
rather than with its own flag.

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