--- Comment #14 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2012-07-22 15:15:46 
PDT ---
I think that the irritation caused by this should would be minimal (well
disallowing 1. anyway - .1 would get _far_ more complaints), and I'd _like_ to
see this change made, but if I'm going to fight over a breaking change, I'd
prefer to do so over something that I care about a lot more.

> I don't see this change as meeting that bar. After all, it's been around in C
> forever without making anyone's list I've seen on "things I hate about C".

I expect that that's mostly because it doesn't generally affect people that
don't use it, and C has _far_ worse problems. If the complaints that D is
getting are generally about small stuff like this, then we're doing something
very right, even if we're not doing it perfectly.

If we're not going to make the change though, I think that we should close this
enhancement request. It seems that we almost always leave them open even when
the answer is a definitive no, which makes no sense to me.

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