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> (In reply to comment #7)
> > But nested struct (declared in function body) cannot receive such treatment.
> Why can't it? The nested struct simply gets as many context pointers as it
> needs, this can be zero if it accesses neither the local or the pred context,
> one, or two. In the latter case, the context pointer is really a pointer to a
> struct reps. an array containing the two context pointers, so that it has 
> still
> the same ABI.

Are you talking about issue 5710? This enhancement doesn't cover it (I think it
requires ABI level changing, and this doesn't).


If you talking about this, the reason is template instantiation mechanism
problem. To implement this enhancement, the nested struct should be
instantiated depends on the enclosing scope of template declaration. But
current dmd doesn't consider it.

Last weekend, I had tried to implement this, but It was not easy.

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