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I just revisited this.  I tried with with DMD 2.046 again, just to be sure I'm
doing the same benchmark, and I got:
myInsert(T)     130
insert(T,Range) 240

Basically the same numbers.  Then I tried DMD 2.059 and got this:
myInsert(T)     123
insert(T,Range) if (isInputRange!(Range) && is(ElementEncodingType!(Range) :

Wow. About 700 times slower.  Not a very realistic use case, though.

So I tried inserting in the middle instead (i/2 instead if i):
myInsert(T)     19694
insert(T,Range) if (isInputRange!(Range) && is(ElementEncodingType!(Range) :

Well, that's only about 20 times slower.

I don't what's going on here, but this is pretty much in line with my general
impression of Phobos 2.  There should be a big ALPHA sticker on the whole


Disgruntled D1/Tango user

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