--- Comment #14 from 2012-08-10 20:03:23 PDT ---
A bug I've just found. Originally I was using 20 points, and I needed them in a
fixed-size array. Later I have removed some of them to reduce the testing time,
but I have forgotten to update the number of items in P[20].
The compiler gives me no compilation errors (it gives errors only if the number
is less than the number of given items), the missing array items are filled
with P(0,0) by the compiler, the duplicated zero points produce an almost
correct result, but not exactly correct, so I have to spend minutes to spot the
problem. This is the minimized code, that shows this simple bug the compiler
isn't able to find for me:

import std.typecons;
alias Tuple!(int, int) P;
enum P[20] a = [P(62, -67), P(4, -71),   P(-86, 71),  P(-25, -53), P(-23, 70),
                P(46, -34), P(-92, -62), P(-15, 89),  P(100, 42),  P(-4, 43),
                P(21, 59),  P(86, -25),  P(93, -52),  P(-41, -48), P(-45, 76),
                P(85, -43), P(-69, 64)];
void main() {}

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