--- Comment #17 from Vladimir Panteleev <> 2012-08-15 
14:12:50 PDT ---
> And if you know D, then you know that char* is _not_ a string,
> and I don't see how you could expect it to be treated as one.

I don't think this argument is valid, because it assumes that all D users are
always aware of the types they pass to writeln/format. In the SO case, the
argument is a function result, and the function's return type is not explicitly
written in the user's code.

People often expect the compiler to shout at them if they try to pass
incompatible types to a function. writeln/format accept char pointers, but
ultimately do something with them that in 99% of cases is simply not useful,
and put the user in search of their mistake all across the data flow.

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