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import std.algorithm, std.range;
template Apply(alias a,T...){ alias a!T Apply; }
auto fun(T)(T n, T function(T) i, T function(T) ){
(z=>(T delegate(T,T) delegate(T delegate(T delegate(T,T),T,T)) AOY)
a,T b)=>AOY((f,a,b)=>z?n:AOY((g,a,b)=>z?b:i(a))(b,f(a,b)))(a,b),AOY))((T
void main(){
version(A) fun(0,(int a)=>a+1,(int a)=>a-1);
static inc(int[] a){
return a;
static dec(int[] a){
return a;
version(B) fun((int[]).init,&inc,&dec);

I reduced it to that. I fail to got further.

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