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--- Comment #1 from Artem Borisovskiy <> 2012-08-24 18:59:56 PDT 
Jonathan, I wrote a script that does the job, you can use it until the bug gets
fixed. Just feed it with stack trace and you'll get not only file names and
line numbers (in red color), but also the corresponding lines.


if [[ "$1" == "" || "$2" != "" ]]; then
    echo "usage: $0 <executable>"

grep -Po "0x[\d\w]+" | addr2line -e "$1" | grep -v "^??" | sed -r
's/(.*):([0-9]*)/printf "\\033[0;31m\0:\\033[0m\n    " \&\& sed -n \2p \1 | sed
"s\/^ *\/\/"/' | sh

Note: lines from stack trace without corresponding debug info are thrown away.
In my case for stack trace

./micron() [0x4b4216]  
./micron() [0x427941]
./micron() [0x417ffc]
./micron() [0x417f45]
./micron() [0x41899e]
./micron() [0x483931]
./micron() [0x48c282]
./micron() [0x4838b6]
./micron() [0x419320]
./micron() [0x4278e5]
./micron() [0x4d2760]
./micron() [0x4d2335]
./micron() [0x4b8d37]
./micron() [0x4b4b21]
./micron() [0x4b4472]
./micron() [0x4b43fd]

it gives the following output:

    this(in this)
    e._value = new Value(*_value);
    this.return_type = return_type.unlessNull(return_type.clone);
    return obj is null ? cast(U)null : ret();
    this.return_type = return_type.unlessNull(return_type.clone);
    auto print_type = new FnType((new Void).toExpr, [ FnArg((new
Number(1)).toExpr, "x") ], [], true);

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