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--- Comment #1 from Don <> 2012-08-27 00:54:20 PDT ---
This is not a CTFE issue.
It's odd because although the name is 'TypeTuple', it is NOT a type tuple!
As well as types, TypeTuple also accepts literals, and that's what's
happening here. It's not a tuple of tuples, but rather a
foreach over a tuple of struct literals. The fact that the struct literals
were compile-time constants, is lost. Another side-effect is that you
can modify the struct literal is an lvalue. This seems wrong.

Reduced test case:

template TypeTuple(TList...)
    alias TList TypeTuple;

struct T { int x; }

void main()
    enum a = T(1);
    enum b = 6;
    foreach(t; TypeTuple!(b, a))
        enum u = t;

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