--- Comment #1 from Kenji Hara <> 2012-09-16 04:47:16 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> It shows that the next and base properties of the TypeInfo generated for
> const(int[2]) and immutable(int[2]) lose the qualifier. This does not happen
> for "shared".

I think this is expected behavior, because const(int[2]) is value type. specifies the TypeInfo object of the type that removed head
const qualifier from original type.
And, Removing const from const(int[2]) is int[2], not const(int)[2].
It's just same as std.traits.Unqual.

  pragma(msg, Unqual!(const(int[2])));  // prints const(int)[]
  pragma(msg, Unqual!(const(int[2])));  // prints int[2]

Additionally, const(int)[2] is same as const(int[2]). There is just a
syntactically difference.

  alias const(int)[2] T1;
  alias const(int[2]) T2;
  static assert(is(T1 == T2));  // they are same
  pragma(msg, T1);   // prints const(int[2])
  pragma(msg, T2);   // prints const(int[2])

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