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08:04:40 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> As for the behaviour on Linux - I don't think this is actually violating the
> spec. Probably what you're complaining about is that the directories 'c' and
> 'b' are coming before the files '2.txt' and '1.txt' which are siblings.
> However, the spec doesn't say anything about a directory's position relative 
> to
> its siblings. It only talks about a directory's position relative to its
> children. See the difference:

Looks like you are still correct. I'm still looking at the desire for useful
traversal of a filesystem.

> If 'directories first' or 'directories last' is required, then that would be
> more of a feature request than a bug :) It could probably be generalised to
> child sorting - the user could supply a comparator which (if present) is used
> to sort the children in each directory.

I do not see sorting as a solution. I really do not care if the dir is before
the file. What is useful is recieving all children before traversing children.
I usually end up ignoring directories anyway. So I'm thinking your origional
suggestion for childrenFirst and parentFirst is actuall what is useful and does
not need too abide by actual traversal rules, only usefulness.

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