--- Comment #2 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2012-09-25 03:51:40 
PDT ---
It has to do with naming unittest blacks, which is related both to stack traces
and to calling unittest blocks independently.

Recently, it _was_ fixed so that the functions generated for unittest blocks
are named after the line number (and possibly file? - I don't know the exact
naming scheme), which reduces the problem with regards to stack traces, but if
you wanted to be able to call specific unittest blocks (say from a unit testing
tool), then having actual names for each unittest block makes that work much

The main thing though is to fix the issue where it's all or nothing for running
a module's unit tests. When I created this request, I was under the incorrect
understanding that there was one function for all of a module's unittest
blocks, which isn't true, but it _is_ true that they can't be run independently
at present, and if I understand correctly, some dmd changes are required to fix

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