--- Comment #3 from Val Markovic <> 2012-09-26 09:39:30 PDT ---
Thanks for the explanation!

WRT the regex string being faulty, I was aware of that; I was just
experimenting when I encountered a segfault. 

Thanks for the pointer about adding @safe: at the top; too bad writeln is still
@system. That kinda kills the usefulness of SafeD, doesn't it? I mean if I
literally can't write a Hello World program in SafeD, then SafeD is quite far
from ready. :)

I've read the TDPL last week and this is my first encounter with writing real D
code; all in all, the language is freaking awesome (goodbye C++) and I'm even
willing to live with esoteric bugs in the compiler/libs if I can work around
them. I understand that D is still a work-in-progress language.

I intend to write a substantial (multi KLOC) D program as a learning
experience; will report any bugs I find as I find them.

Anyway, good luck fixing this. :)

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