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> Why is it any different to sort being "a < b" by default? Should we require
> that sort is always sort!"a < b"?

It's different because it's widely accepted that "just sorting" a sequence
returns it ordered from the min value. In Python, Haskell, Ruby and several
other languages "just sort" has such definite meaning.

But I don't know of any language where reduce/fold has a default function that

When people not expert of D look at code like this, they understand its

auto data = [3, 2, 1];

But when they see this, they can't know/see what this reduce is doing:

auto data = [3, 2, 1];

Summing items of an iterable is a very common operation, and having a
specialized function (as in Python, Haskell, and other languages, even in
Fortran) with a short clear name as sum() is good.

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