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--- Comment #2 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2012-10-06 22:38:46 
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Actually, _all_ of the take* functions should work - take, takeExactly,
takeOne, takeNone - but I think that take is pretty much the only one that
works right now, and not all of the functions which should accept it do (hence
the bug report).

Andrei recently expressed the desire to standardize on wrapper ranges providing
access to what the range that they're wrapping when appropriate (though it's
not always appropriate) via a member variable called source (which Take has),
which may or may not make implementing the changes to std.container simpler and
may or may not make it possible for the std.container functions to operate on
more range types than those returned by take*. But the take* family should
definitely all work or std.container is crippled with regards to any of its
member functions which takes a range from the container.

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