--- Comment #8 from Andrej Mitrovic <> 2012-10-07 
14:04:47 PDT ---
I've just realized I shot myself in the foot with this change (well,

Direct snippet of some code I've used (the main thing to look for is "ref
Set!SymID oldIDs = Set!SymID.init")

    SymID[] getClassTreeImpl(Table)(Class par, Table table, ref Set!SymID
oldIDs = Set!SymID.init, bool skipRoot = false)
        typeof(return) result;

        if (!skipRoot && par.ID !in oldIDs)
            result ~= par.ID;

        foreach (ID, cls; table)
            if (cls.baseIDs.canFind(par.ID))
                result ~= getClassTreeImpl(cls, table, oldIDs);

        return result;

Basically, getClassTreeImpl can be passed an existing set of keys or it will
create a new one if not provided and will update it during recursive calls.

I can fix my code, but I worry if my changeset is going to brake anyone elses
code. I wonder if this trick is used that often.. I guess we'll have to wait
and see.

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