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> Let us revisit this if it ever becomes a problem in practice; I very much 
> doubt
> it. At any rate, special-casing it in the GC is the wrong kind of design.
> I'll also add that I'm against adding GC heap allocation to Variant/Algebraic
> as this would severely slow down code that uses many instances of these types
> for no good reason.

I agree that special casing for Algebraic is probably too much.

But GC precision is a problem, especially on 32 bit system. 

And here I was not discussing about allocating an Algebraic on the heap, but
the problems caused by putting references to heap-allocated things inside an
Algebraic. So it's a problem shared by all unions. The idea of "onScan" is
general, it's not a special case for Algebraic, it's usable to help the GC for
all unions (but it's especially useful for Algebraic because it has a tag).

Maybe I will open an enhancement request about all unions...

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