Summary: Tuple curry example not really curry
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--- Comment #0 from Jesse Phillips <> 2012-10-10 
19:33:11 PDT ---
Per doc comment:

Actually they call it "partial function application"

Currying is something else often mistaken for partial evaluation.

Currying is treating a function of N args that returns Ret

    func: (Arg1,Arg2,Arg3) -> Ret

as a function that does partial application of arguments "to the max"

    func: Arg1 -> (Arg2 -> (Arg3 -> Ret))

That's a

   function that takes an Arg1 and returns
    (a function that takes an Arg2 and returns
       (a function that takes an Arg3 and returns a Ret))

So the call func a b c is treated as (((func a) b ) c) with currying. In ML for
instance, all functions are curried by default (but you can sort of override
the behavior by declaring your function to take a tuple as a single argument).
Python has a partial application library that was originally called 'curry'
until the functional folks shot it down as a misnomer. Now it's called
'partial'. Python Partial Function Application

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