--- Comment #2 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2012-10-14 00:48:24 
PDT ---
> That comment has been there for eons. What do we do about it?

Create a function with the correct name (whatever that is - initialize?) and
mark the old one as scheduled for deprecation making sure that we put an
appropriate note in the changelog (in red if we think that it's major enough -
I don't know how much code really uses TypeInfo, let alone TypeInfo.init()
though). Then we deprecate it. It'll probably have to stick around as
deprecated for a while to help the transition, but after that, we remove it,
and it won't cause an issues any longer.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't surprise me if there are plenty of types out there
with an init function (std.file.DirEntry used to have one), but IMHO it's just
fundamentally broken to allow that given how it conflicts with the actual init
property. And I think that this is a case where it's worth breaking code if we
have to (but that makes it that much more critical that we make the changes
necessary for this sooner rather than later).

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