--- Comment #7 from Ellery Newcomer <> 2012-10-15 
17:16:10 PDT ---
Alright, let's try this again, except with me being comprehensible this time.

There is one thing happening here, and that is 

float f;
bool result = f < f;

It is happening in two places: main, and main.fitnessCompare. In both places, f
has the same value (4.2 or something). In both places, f is the result of the
pure function fitness.

result should always be false for a non-{nan, inf, other floating point

In main.fitnessCompare, result is true. This is wrong.

Running the debugger, it appeared to me that one of the two operands to the
floating point compare in main.fitnessCompare had 80 bits of precision, while
the other only had 64 (or maybe 64 and 32, I don't remember).

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