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--- Comment #9 from Oleg Kuporosov <> 2012-10-18 
02:33:19 PDT ---
>From original Nathan's post there are 2 cases, first looks similar to (originally for D2 and now
for D1 only)

The fix from commit
effectivelly solves the issue on module level for D2.061 alpha. 

The same time for the case of private nested classes which are still accessable
outside of enclosing class and module. The behaviour should follow "Private
means that only members of the enclosing class can access the member, or
members and functions in the same module as the enclosing class." in 

 While this effectively allows access to private nested 
members from inside the same module, "A nested
class is a class that is declared inside the scope of a function or another
class" closing visibility and access to nested members outside of function or
enclosing class even the same module.

The issue is moved from "enhancement" to the bug.

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