--- Comment #4 from Ryuichi OHORI <> 2012-10-21 15:11:21 PDT 
> I see. Then try to minimize the code yourself. And then attach/paste it here
> instead of dpaste, please.
Actually I was trying to reduce test case for a bug and came up with another
(this) one, so it was difficult for me. Thanks to your code, I managed to
minimize see below:

void main()
    F!10 x;

struct F(int n)
    mixin I!n;

mixin template I(int n)
    int value;
    static F[1] x = get_xs(); // compiles, but outputs: "error.d(14):       
called from here: get_xs()"
    static F[1] get_xs()
        return [F(0)];
    //static F[1] x = get_xs(); // compiles, without output.

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