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> In general, I'd say yes. The fact that two functions in different modules can
> have the same name and conflict is fully expected and acceptable. The module
> system gives a number of ways to get around the problem. That's not an issue.
> However, in this case, what appears to be happening is that we have almost
> identical functions in two modules. The only difference between them is that
> the one in std.array will work with immutable strings, since it specifically
> types itself as taking an array, whereas std.algorithm's types itself as 
> taking
> a range (though the range must be a string per the template constraint). If
> they did different things, that would be one thing, but I see no reason to 
> have
> two identical functions. One of the two should be scheduled for deprecation.

Assigned to self.

Note that the one in std.algorithm is not documented, so anybody using it is
probably doing it by mistake.

My I outright remove it? Should I straight up give it deprecate it now? Do I
have to go the full deprecation route?

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