--- Comment #2 from Don <> 2012-10-24 10:57:37 PDT ---
To clarify: When I say "it won't work in general", the problem is things like:

a < b && c < d && e > f

If a and b are pointers to the same memory block, then a < b is OK, and this
expression means:
a < b && isInside(c..e, d..f)
but if a and b are different pointers, then it would be:
isInside(a..c, b..d) && e > f
which is OK as long as e and f are in the same memory block.

then there is an explosion of possible cases, and many similar things _still_
aren't handled ( eg, a1 < b1 && c1 < d1 && a2 > b2 && c2 > d2, why isn't this
recognized as two isInside operations?)

So the rule is simple: they have to be part of a single && or || expression.

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