--- Comment #2 from Joseph Rushton Wakeling <> 
2012-10-25 04:36:21 PDT ---
Sorry, the error in the above example is from inappropriate use of takeExactly.
:-(  dirEntries does indeed return an empty list, and when the correct subdir
is put in place, it returns the list of files.  So, it's not a minimal example
of the bug or even related.

However, I _am_ still experiencing this problem of an empty list due to a
filter which _should_ return a non-empty list of files, and indeed does when
compiled with ldmd2 -- but fails when compiled with latest from-GitHub dmd:

    auto fileList = dirEntries(testSetDir, "*.txt", SpanMode.shallow);
    foreach(DirEntry e; fileList)

If I remove the "*.txt" filter (there are only .txt files in the directory) the
fileList is correctly populated.

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