--- Comment #4 from Peter Alexander <> 2012-10-27 
03:25:26 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> Hmm that is strange. I'm using git HEAD too, for dmd, druntime, and phobos. I
> just did a git pull and make clean ; make, and I'm still getting the same
> error.

My bad, I get the bug now on git HEAD.

The break was caused by this:

The problem is that walkLength is called on the second range, which is
infinite. This makes no sense, which is the reason for that pull request.

Where is walkLength called? Zip has a Tuple!R element. And Tuple!R's toString
function tries to print out the range. Why is it only called in version=Bug?
Because formatElement is specialised for strings, and just happens to not call
walkLength eventually.

I'll fix this, but needless to say this is a mess.

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