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> With field names

Interesting, the last time I saw this syntax:

static if(is(T X : Tuple!A, A...)) alias A Spec;

it was in the templates book
(, where Philippe

<<beg quote
For me, the main limitation is that template tuple parameters are not ac-
cepted. Too bad. See, imagine you use std.typecons.Tuple a lot. At one point,
you need a template to test if something is a Tuple!(T...) for some T which
can be 0 or more types. Though luck, is is a bit of a letdown there, as you
cannot do:

template isTuple(T)
    static if (is(T tup == Tuple!(InnerTypes), InnerTypes...))
        enum isTuple = true;
end quote>>

Maybe this was a compiler limitation in earlier versions.

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