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--- Comment #2 from Andrej Mitrovic <> 2012-11-01 
22:44:14 PDT ---
I can recreate the bug with DMD 2.060.

Anyway it is related to ddoc, git head stack trace:

0012f800  0045086c  DMD!Lexer::charConstant(Token*,int )+0x174
0012f8bc  004acf10  DMD!Lexer::scan(Token*)+0xa3
0012f974  004acaa9  DMD!highlightCode2+0x93
0012fa00  004abcab  DMD!highlightText+0x44d
0012fa48  004abafe 
0012fa80  004aa097 
0012fb48  004050c7  DMD!Module::gendocfile()+0x33f(...)
0012ff44  004052f0  DMD!tryMain+0x2bea
0012ff80  0055f225  DMD!main+0x43
0012ffc0  7c817067  DMD!mainCRTStartup+0xa9

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