--- Comment #3 from Denis Shelomovskij <> 2012-11-02 
17:33:05 MSK ---
Call stack (thanks OllyDbg):
Address    Stack      Procedure / arguments
0012E578   7C90D77A   Includes ntdll.KiFastSystemCallRet
0012E57C   7C80ED62   ntdll.ZwQueryDirectoryFile
0012E888   7C8138B7   kernel32.FindFirstFileExW
0012EB1C   59C7117B   kernel32.FindFirstFileA
0012EB20   0012EE90     FileName = ".\D\dmd2.055\html\d\*.*"
0012EB24   0012EC4C     pFindFileData = 0012EC4C
0012EF9C   59C71636   dbghelp.59C7109F
0012F110   59C717C6   ? dbghelp.59C7149F
0012F15C   59C71839   ? dbghelp.59C716F4
0012F17C   59C7B424   ? dbghelp.FindExecutableImageEx
0012F1C0   59C816F7   ? dbghelp.59C7B2D1
0012F32C   59C820BF   dbghelp.59C81652
0012F33C   59C82109   dbghelp.59C82061
0012F37C   59C75332   ? dbghelp.59C820D5
0012F3B0   59C84B93   dbghelp.59C75309
0012F408   59C84CC4   dbghelp.59C84B53
0012F4B4   59C8530F   dbghelp.59C84C5E
0012F4DC   59C8356D   dbghelp.59C852DF
0012F514   00421AF0   Includes dbghelp.59C8356D
0012FDA4   004219B3   test_d2.00421A0C
0012FDD0   0042178D   test_d2.00421974
0012FDDC   004171F4   test_d2.00421778
0012FDEC   0041A546   test_d2.004171E0
0012FDF0   00410CEC   test_d2.0041A530
0012FE08   0040B9FD   test_d2.00410CC4
0012FE18   004082D4   test_d2.0040B9F0
0012FE20   00402082   test_d2.004082C8
0012FE54   0040823A   test_d2.00402010
0012FE68   00407EBC   test_d2.00408228
0012FE98   0040827D   test_d2.00407E54
0012FEAC   00407EBC   test_d2.00408248
0012FEDC   00407E40   test_d2.00407E54
0012FF84   00435311   test_d2.00407BF4
0012FF88   00000001     Arg1 = 00000001
0012FF8C   009303C4     Arg2 = 009303C4
0012FF90   00930400     Arg3 = 00930400
0012FF94   00000000     Arg4 = 00000000
0012FFC4   7C817077   Includes test_d2.00435311

`FileName` goes through the whole disk.

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