--- Comment #4 from Martin Nowak <> ---
(In reply to uplink.coder from comment #2)
> Hash collisions will happen!
> We need a way to speed up those equals compares in rootObject.
> I'll look if I can find a good way to gradually remove the virtual calls.

This whole RootObject hashing/comparison is a kludge when we can cheaply
generate a unique string.

>   IsVariable!(Simulated_Object_966)
>   IsMemberVariable!(Simulated_Object_975)
>   isSomeFunction!(Simulated_Object_573)
> Those SHOULD produce the same hash they work on the same types!

Yes right, only the arguments are part of the hash.

> I am of the impression that template-inlining can help here.

True for isSomeFunction and it does work, the other 2 take alias parameters
(via variadic arguments) and create one instance per object (w/ the same hash).


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