--- Comment #3 from JR <> ---
I reduced it to 58 lines using dustmite, which is incidentally amazing.

Under 2.079.0, it compiles in -debug mode but doesn't outside of it. 2.078.3
can however compile it in both. The code is nonsense, but it appears to trigger
the behaviour.

> $ git clone -b 2.079-overflow
> $ cd kameloso
> $ dub build -b debug  # works
> $ dub build -b plain
> /usr/bin/dmd failed with exit code -11.
> $ gdb --batch -ex "run" --args dmd source/kameloso/*.d 
> source/kameloso/plugins/*.d
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x0000555555825982 in TemplateInstance::needsCodegen() ()

I tested it on Travis and CircleCI. Both run 2.079.0, and Travis could not
reproduce the segfault. CircleCI however could! Please see

Again, this seems to only affect 2.079.0, and only on *some* distributions.
Unless your linux installation sees the behaviour, I imagine the only way to
observe it is to download a Manjaro .iso and run it in a virtual machine.

I wish I could produce something more tangible but this is how ephemeral the
issue is.


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