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--- Comment #7 from Dmitry Olshansky <> ---
> So the idea is to give iteration distinct syntax:
> x[*]=y[*]; //copy slice
> x[*]=a; //assign all slice items
> f(x[*]); //rewritten as foreach(a;x)f(a);
> x[*]=f(y[*]); //foreach(i,ref a;x)a=f(y[i]);
> x[*]=f(y[]); //foreach(ref a;x)a=f(y.opSlice());
> x[][][][*]=a; //x.opSlice().opSlice().opSlice()[*]=a;

This is magic, and it's for arrays only. I believe by now it's clear we want
less of it, not more.

A solid DIP might get us something here but not much.


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