I routinely get this error when I forget to add a module that I import to the project. It throughs me for a loop because the error doesn't really make sense for what is actually wrong(or does it?):

Error 42: Symbol Undefined _D9DLLImport12__ModuleInfoZ (DLLImport.__ModuleInfo)

Adding DLLImport.d to the project solves the problem.

I guess this is due to the fact that the module does not have a library backing and the __ModuleInfo function isn't generated for it so it doesn't exist anywhere? (Just guessing)

Is there any way Visual D can help with this? Either watch out for the error(I guess this is a dmd problem) and rename it or add a hint about adding it to the project or somehow detect the modules and add them silently to the command line or even auto add them to the project?

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