On Wednesday, 20 May 2020 at 20:49:52 UTC, Vinod K Chandran wrote:
Hi all,
I have some questions about this forum.
1. How to edit a post ?
No can do :(. Well, moderators can delete posts so you could try to ask them nicely in some cases but the primary way tends to be the same as with email: send a correction message.

And if I recall correctly, this forum is based on some email system, so even if a moderator deletes something, it'll probably only be hidden from those that talk via forum.dlang.org - not from those that use their email.

2. How to edit a reply ?
Same as above.

3. How to add some code(mostly D code) in posts & replies.
Matter of taste. I personally tend to do it like this:

void main()
{   import std.stdio;
    writeln("hello world!");

Another good way is to use https://run.dlang.io/ and export your code as gist from there.

4. How to add an image in posts & replies.
Add it somewhere else and post a link to it.

5. Is there a feature to mark my post as "[SOLVED]" ?
Alas, no.

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