On Sunday, 24 May 2020 at 16:57:54 UTC, ag0aep6g wrote:
On 24.05.20 18:34, data pulverizer wrote:
Since `kernel` is a `Tuple`, you can only access it with compile-time constant indices.

But your loop variable `i` is not a compile-time constant, it's being calculated at run time. What's more, it depends on `results.length` which is also not a compile-time constant. But `results.length` is the same as `kernels.length`. And being the length of a `Tuple`, that one is a compile-time constant.

So you can rewrite your loop as a `static foreach` (which is evaluated during compile-time) using `kernels.length` instead of `results.length`:

static foreach (i; 1 .. kernels.length)
    results[i] = bench(kernels[i], n, verbose);

Thank you very much. I though that if I used a `static foreach` loop D would attempt to run the calculation `bench()` at compile time rather than at run time but it doesn't which is good. So `static foreach` allows you to index at compile time and if its scope runs at run time it is run time and if at compile time it is compile time evaluated?

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