Trying to implement a setInterval() that I can cancel using:

Tid tid = setInterval(2000, (){ writeln("hello");})

And then I can do:


With something like this:

stopInterval(Tid tid) {
    send(tid, "cancel");

import std.stdio : writeln;
import std.concurrency : receive, spawn, thisTid, Tid;

auto setInterval(long milliseconds, void delegate() callback)
    auto worker(long mls, void delegate() cb)
        import core.thread.osthread : Thread;
        import std.datetime : seconds, msecs;

        writeln("Starting ", thisTid, "...");

        bool done = false;

        receive((string text) {
           writeln("Received string: ", text);
           done = true;

            // or receive() comes here?

        while (!done);

    // I guess issue is with the callback
    Tid id = spawn(&worker, milliseconds, &callback);

    return id;

Getting error:

Error: template std.concurrency.spawn cannot deduce function from argument types !()(void delegate(Tid id) @system, Tid), candidates are: /usr/include/dmd/phobos/std/concurrency.d(460,5): spawn(F, T...)(F fn, T args)
  with F = void delegate(Tid) @system,
       T = (Tid)
  must satisfy the following constraint:
       isSpawnable!(F, T)

Am I even using the right tool here?

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