On 29.06.20 02:28, Stanislav Blinov wrote:
void local(Args...)(Args args)

void main() @safe
     import std.stdio;
     scope int* p;
     local(p);   // Ok
    writeln(p); // Error: scope variable p assigned to non-scope parameter _param_0 calling std.stdio.writeln!(int*).writeln

The signatures of `std.stdio.writeln` and `local` are the same (see `writeln` [1]). Yet, with '$ dmd -preview=dip1000' the call to `local` compiles, while the call to `writeln` doesn't.

Since `local` and `writeln` are templates, the attributes for their parameters are inferred from their bodies. `local!(int*)` doesn't do anything with the parameter, so it's inferred as `scope`. `writeln!(int*)` apparently does something that prevents `scope` from being inferred.

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