I'm trying to hand write some bindings to mongo-c-driver. (For learning purposes and to get the latest bindings).

My binding code to convert <mongoc/mongoc.h> to mongoc/mongoc.d is:

===== c interop file ====
module mongoc/mongoc.d;
import core.stdc.stdint;

extern (c) {
struct {
    uint domain;
    uint code;
char[504] message; //when this exists, the code does not compile

===== build script ====

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=mongo-c-driver/cmake-build/src/libmongoc:mongo-c-driver/cmake-build/src/libbson:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

dmd hello_mongo.d \
    -I=mongo-c-driver/src/libmongoc/src/ \
    -I=mongo-c-driver/src/libbson/src/ \
    -I=mongo-c-driver/cmake-build/src/libbson/src/bson/ \
    -I=mongo-c-driver/cmake-build/src/libmongoc/src/mongoc \
    -L=-Lmongo-c-driver/cmake-build/src/libmongoc \
    -L=-Lmongo-c-driver/cmake-build/src/libbson \
    -L=-lmongoc-1.0 \
    -L=-lbson-1.0 \


However, when I add the message field in the struct, I cannot compile the code:

ld: hello_mongo.o: in function `_Dmain':
hello_mongo.d:(.text._Dmain[_Dmain]+0x1a): undefined reference to `_D6mongoc6mongoc13_bson_error_t6__initZ'

What does "__initZ" refer to?
Does this refer to automatic initialization like "this()"?

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