I need to use function `eval` sometimes, but compiler throws an error: `Error: variable `firstOperand` cannot be read at compile time`.
import std.array;
import std.format;

public class BinaryOperatorExpression
                string operator;
                Expression firstExpr;
                Expression secondExpr;

        public final this(T)(string operator, T firstExpr, T secondExpr)
                this.operator = operator;
                this.firstExpr = firstExpr;
                this.secondExpr = secondExpr;

        override public double eval()
                double firstOperand = firstExpr.eval();
                double secondOperand = secondExpr.eval();

                return mixin(
                        format("%d %s %d", firstOperand, operator, 

Type `T` exactly has `eval` returning `double'.
How can I make `firstOperand` and `secondOperand` static?

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